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It is undeniable that our world  is experiencing a particular and delicate historical period. Our society is rapidly changing, and NCIUL recognizes its important role as lifelong learning community. Our University pays great attention to the study of politics and international relations.

NC IUL  is an international and vibrant university. With strong links to different cultures and countries, NC IUL is the best choice for those students interested in becoming an active agent of change in such a global and multicultural project.

The Faculty and its programmes offer a broad overview and deep understanding of the major cultural and historical events occurred over the years and which have influenced today’s political structure. Our Politics and International Relations degrees are designed for students who question the world they live in.
Our students goal is to find sustainable ways to change the world while developing their critical thinking.
Through the use of a research-based approach, creativity will be stimulated.
Moreover students will be encouraged to propose out of the box solutions. They will also give interpretations of various social-political questions which are tied to past tradition and current in our modern world.

NC IUL aspires to be one of the best universities for politics in London. For this reason, we offer face to face and online politics courses.
Through an e-learning platform students can engage with their lecturers and peers. It is also possible to attend online seminars and to review video or other reading materials. Moreover every module has been carefully designed with materials, slides and other notes that students can easily download.

The courses are structured to prepare students to different contexts and cultures.
Our propose Politics and International Relations degrees will be very useful in several career pathways. Furthermore our graduates can be employed in different areas. Learn more about international relations careers prospect here.

Politics and International Relations Degree Courses Details.

Our University offers a complete preparation for Politics and international Relations degree. This means a Foundation Year, a BA (Hons) in International Politics and an MA in International Relations.

  • The Foundation year runs for one year full time or two years part time. It will give students fundamental knowledge needed to progress to a Politics and International Relations degree. Specific entry requirements can be found in our website. If English is not your first language, additional language requirements apply.
  • The BA (Hons) in International Politics is an undergraduate degree which runs 3 years full time, or six years in part time mode. Our BA (Hons) Programme gives you the perfect understanding of politics. Students will gain a vast and critical awareness of foreign political dynamics. Furthermore the Faculty offers up to date lectures on recent global political developments. Alliances, international organizations, different political models of each country are just some of the topics included in the course programme.
  • Our MA in International Relations allows students to deepen their knowledge in subjects studied at undergraduate level,such as in our Politics and International Relations degree. This postgraduate Programme is designed to last 1 year-full time or 2 years-part time. Students will analyse the controversies of the contemporary political situation, opening interesting career pathways or helping with a promotion.

Through cutting-edge learning and research techniques, NC IUL guarantees high-level preparation for its students to enter the job market fully equipped with the necessary skills.