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Psychology deals with the study of human beings in all the different aspects of life.

In Psychology uni courses, the behaviour of the human being, their aspirations and development in society are studied and deconstructed for a deeper understanding.

Studying one of our psychology uni courses means starting a path that will allow you first of all, to get to know yourself better and then to apply such knowledge to others. You will be able to analyse the world around you and the dynamics of which it is composed from a more critical perspective.

  5 good reasons to enroll in one of our psychology uni courses

1. You will learn more about what affects the mind, and how to self-regulate emotions and behaviour.
2. You will learn that Psychology comprises different specialisms and that it is not just about clinical matters.
3. You will approach to the psychological professional world guided by our academic staff.
4. You will be given the opportunity to develop your communication skills and strategies through practical exercises such as group and individual presentations.
5. Professional accreditation – the course is in the process of being accredited by The British Psychological Society.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can also choose from a variety of modules in the final year to suit your particular interests to allow you a more tailored professional development (i.e., clinical, communication/marketing/business, education, experimental/research, human resources).

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 NC IUL Psychology Uni Courses

Niccolò Cusano Italian University London offers a complete range of  Psychology Uni Courses .

  • A Foundation Year in Psychology: is a one-year programme, if attended full time, or two years if part time. It allows students to achieve standard requirements to access a BSC (Hons) in Psychology. Students acquire basic preparation on the main psychological approaches and theories, while allowing them time to build on their soft skills to excel in their learning journey.
  • The BSC Hons in Psychology is an Undergraduate Course which lasts for 3 years full time or 6 years part time. It has been designed for students who want to learn the fundamentals of psychology and how to apply such knowledge, for example how to conduct a psychological survey of the human mind. The programme’s goal is to equip students with a knowledge of different perspectives in the psychology field.
  • The MSC in Psychology allows students to specialize themselves in the psychological field. Students will be subjected to the study of different cognitive abilities, while working in teams and designing several psychological projects. Our MSC in Psychology course last 1 years full time or 2 years part time.

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